Accommodation Near UNSW, Sydney

Kensington in Sydney is not far from Coogee Beach and offers a wide range of accommodation: from luxury hotels to less expensive motels, budget university hostels, and backpacker hostels.

The conference venue is UNSW in Kensington and will be just minutes away from the Sydney CBD and Coogee Beach both exciting vibrant locations.

Cheaper, but quite comfortable, accommodation is offered by a number of motels, located within a few blocks from the conference venue.

Conference Dinner is being organised at a location in Coogee Beach, possibly the Crowne Plaza or Coogee Bay Hotel. Final details to be made available soon.

Hotel Deal and Dinner Location

We will have the conference dinner at the Crowne Plaza Coogee Beach on Thursday 22 November - +61293157600 (5-10 minute bus)



Student accommodation (within 5 minutes)

Please note that student accommodation at UNSW may not be available, so check around the area for other suitable locations too.