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  • Final extended deadline - 9 September 2019
  • Acceptance notification - 1 October 2019
  • Final paper deadline - 15 October 2019
  • Early bird deadline - 15 October 2019
  • Registration deadline - 1 November 2019
  • Conference - 27-29 November 2019




Call for Workshops

Contact the ITNAC Local Organising Committee to propose workshops for ITNAC 2019

Workshop on Device-to-Device Communication in 5G Networks

Organized by: Telecommunication and Network Engineering (TNE) research group at Massey, in collaboration with Wireless InnovationS in Engineering research group at AUT

Scope: Device-to-Device (D2D) Communication is one of the topics under the 5G umbrella that has captured considerable attention recently. The main purpose of the proposed workshop is to bring together researchers active in D2D Communication so as to engage in a robust discussion about the existing state of the art.

The proposed workshop will firstly feature research papers of international significance. While several aspects of this area have been explored in the past, there is still plenty of room for more in-depth investigation. For example, the consideration of mobility in a typical D2D setup is infrequently addressed in the literature. Associated topics such as mobile cells that represent high mobility scenarios present D2D discovery challenges, which must be addressed for autonomous communication. Thus, this workshop will feature applications as well as fundamental research in the proposed topic. The workshop is expected to address some of these issues in order to present an updated state of D2D communication.

Secondly, the workshop will highlight the relevance of D2D communication (and similar areas) to New Zealand’s rural environments. The rural areas in NZ (and elsewhere) require wireless connectivity but without excessive investment in network infrastructure. Topics such as autonomous D2D communication and distributed discovery can serve this purpose very well. The invited talk proposed in this workshop will set the stage for discussing rural connectivity issues. It is expected that the discussion after the workshop will give participants an opportunity to comment not only on the presented research papers, but also on the relevance of D2D communication and associated areas to New Zealand.

Organising Committee:

General chair Faraz Hasan
Program chairs Fakhrul Alam/Jack Li
Publicity chairs Xiang Gui/Boon-Chong Seet
Publications chairs Mohammad Rashid/Saeed Rehman

The organizing committee shall be responsible to review all papers submitted to the workshop. The members of the technical program committee shall help in reviewing the papers. ITNAC may assign their own reviewers to examine the accepted papers if required.

The proposed event will be held as a ½ day ‘workshop’ in the 29th ITNAC. The target is to host 5-6 papers, an invited talk with some room for discussion at the end.

Timeline: The organizing committee will submit a recommendation of the accepted papers to ITNAC committee by 20 September 2019. Paper submission deadline for the proposed workshop will be: 9 September 2019. Note that the conventional trend is to close submissions to workshops after the submission to the main conference has closed.

These deadlines will be modified in accordance with any changes in the conference deadlines. ITNAC’s policy (page limits, copyright, etc.) will be adhered to.

Technical Program Committee Members:
Yaw-Wen Kuo National Chi Nan University, Taiwan
Usman Ilyas University of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Serge Demidenko Sunway University, Malaysia
Rashid Hussain Innopolis University, Russia
Navrati Saxena Sungkyunkwan University, South Korea
Nasim Ahmed Massey University, New Zealand
Muhammad Abrar Multan University, Pakistan
Min Young Chung Sungkyunkwan University, South Korea
Jianxiong Wan Inner Mongolia University of Technology, China
Gabriel Adrian Deak NantHealth, U
Debraj Basu University of California (Davis), USA
Asif Iqbal Zia COMSATS Institute of Technology, Pakistan
Faiz Ahmed University of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tariq Shah Balochistan University of IT and Management Sciences, Pakistan

Proposed Invited Talk:

5G for Rural and Remote communities Communications? by Prof. Emeritus Richard Harris (Massey University)

Topics of interest (including but not limited to):
D2D mobility issues
Energy harvesting
Power and interference management
Applications and use cases
Business models
Spectrum Sharing
Cooperative communication
MAC/Routing protocols
Multi hop D2D communication
Resource allocation
Neighbour discovery
Link maintenance
Network Security
Wi-Fi/LTE Direct
User Scheduling/Synchronization