Call for Papers

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With the increasing number of emerging robust networks, the challenges to design new networking protocols, techniques, and applications are never ending. ITNAC (formerly known as ATNAC) has been a leading forum in Australasia for researchers and engineers to present and discuss topics related to advanced telecommunication network technologies, services and applications.

ITNAC 2016 seeks to address and capture highly innovative and state-of-the-art research from academia, communications industry and standardization bodies that covers distributed, mobile, cognitive and cloud computing, computer and data communications, local and metropolitan networks, optical, wired and wireless telecommunication networks and applications. Contributions are welcome on all advanced research topics, particularly (but not limited to) the following:

   Mobile & Wireless Networks

  ·  Wireless access and routing protocols

  ·  Cross-layer design optimization

  ·  Green, energy efficient and sustainable networking

  ·  Nature and bio-inspired approaches to networking

  ·  Network-based mobile positioning and tracking

  ·  Cognitive and cooperative networking

  ·  Mobile social and ambient networks

  ·  Delay tolerant networks

  ·  Mobile and wireless broadband access networks

  ·  4G/5G networks

  ·  Wireless sensor networks

  ·  Vehicular Ad-hoc networks

  ·  Cognitive networks

  ·  Wireless Mesh networks

Internet Technologies and Applications

·  Network modeling and simulation

· Traffic engineering, congestion and admission control

·  Software defined networks

·  Content-centric networks

·  Datacenter networks

·  Cloud computing

·  Peer-to-peer networks and overlays

·  Novel network-enabled applications and services

·  Future Internet routing schemes or transport concepts

·  IPv6 and its derivatives

·  High performance network virtualization

·  Networking standards and regulations 

·  QoS/QoE provisioning and resource management

·  Novel network-enabled applications and services  

Network Management, Privacy and Security

·  Next generation network regulation

·  Broadband network management

·  Intrusion detection and prevention

·  Key distribution and management  

·  Large-scale attacks and defense

·  Security and privacy in wireless networks

·  Network security policy, theory and tools                         

·  Secure Mobile Agents and Mobile Code

·  rusted computing and management                

·  World Wide Web security

·  Network resiliency and network security  

·  Cybersecurity


Optical Networking and Applications

·  Optical switching and routing

·  Optical Network on Chips

·  Visible light communication

·  Optical Ethernet, EPON/GPON, 10Gb/s Ethernet, 100Gb/s Ethernet

·  WDM Access Networks, WDM-PON

·  Wired/wireless convergence, Telecom/broadcast convergence, IPTV

·  Optical-wireless access networks, Radio-over-fiber

·  Large capacity optical transmission, WDM, OTDM

·  OFDM and advanced modulation in photonics

·  Energy efficient optical networks